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Having popped in to my friendly camera shop, T4, to pick up a new (very expensive and exciting) bit of glass, they mentioned that they were sponsoring a DSLR video workshop by local pro John Hunt. Now, it’s generally accepted that, as accessible technology and, correspondingly, the public’s expectations develop, few digital photographers are able to deny that they need to be able to produce video for their clients as well as stills. Indeed, there’s a strong argument to suggest that the still image is dying out and video is the newest media du jour. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rates video on websites higher than photos. So, when T4 mentioned the (free!) event, I took a day off and toddled along with my trusty D800, monopod and Rode Video Mic.

The guys have a cool little studio above the shop; John was all set up and ready with brews and chocolate biscuits. He quickly established his credentials and spent the next several hours taking us through both the technical aspects of DSLR videography and some of the concepts behind filming. He also used examples of his work to show us what can be achieved with patience. Finally, he set us loose on the streets of Witney; this proved to be one of my main learning points for the day. I can tell a story with my camera if I see a story to tell. But I need to learn to write a story first!

While it was a very educational day, and inspiring to see what can be achieved with skill, drive and experience, what it really gave me was the motivation to get out and start making mistakes. Whether or not stills are on the decline, there is no doubt that video is both the present and future. I plan to be there, even if I’m a bit shaky to start off with!
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