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I love my stuff, which I’ve saved up for a long time to invest in. Just the feel of my camera in my hand cheers me up. However, it comes with quite a lot of supporting kit. Because of what/where I shoot, people tend to climb/sit/pile heavy things on my kit so I keep it in a Peli Case when I travel; if I’m on the move it lives in a LowePro Computrekker Plus AW. This is what’s in my case:

01 Nikon D800. This high resolution full frame epic from Nikon is an amazing bit of kit. Well built (aka heavy), it is incredibly forgiving with beautiful colours and excellent performance at high ISO. The video capabilities are well worth exploring too.

02 Nikon D300S. If the D800 hadn’t come out, I would have 2 of these by now. Light, fast and agile.

03 GoPro HD Hero 3 Black (a cracking bit of kit for video, awkward high or low shots and being discreet – comes with millions of mounts)

04 Nikkor 50mm f1.4 (ultra sharp, mega shallow depth of field)

05 Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 (uber wide but sharp)

06 Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 (Best. Lens. Ever. If you like action, wildlife or people)

07 Sigma 150-500mm (for far away stuff only, it’s heavy and wobbles without support)

08 Nikon SB-600 Speedlight

09 Batteries (for all 3 cameras – nothing says dumbass like a dead battery)

10 Memory cards (lots – nothing says dumbass like a full memory card)

11 Rode Video Mic

12 Lacie 1tb Rugged Hard Drive (for backing everything up!)

13 Bag of cables and cleaning cloths for everything I use.

14 Moo Cards (awesome business cards from www.moo.com)

15 GPS (to find my way round and geo tag my photos)

16 iPad Mini (to keep me in touch with the world and upload photos on the fly)

17 Black nasty (things always need sticking up/together, my kitchen is held together by it)

18 Hi-Vis vest (keeps me safe, makes me seem more official and less sneaky when I’m shooting)

19 Slik Monopod (for shooting video, holding up big lenses and attaching my GoPro to)

20 Manfrotto Compact Tripod (lightweight and agile).

Note: my case seldom leaves my sight, and also comes with 2 big hefty padlocks and a nifty Mission: Impossible-style self destruct device which goes bang if you try and steal it!
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